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Benefits for Service Professionals

K&K Ice Maker Motors is committed to providing quality parts and support to refrigeration service professionals across the United States. That's why we've created preferred pricing and benefits for our service partners. 


Apply today and, if approved, enjoy these benefits:

  • 5% off retail pricing

  • Free shipping via UPS Ground

  • Sell at least 40 pumps between January 1 and November 30 every year and enjoy 10% off your order and FREE SHIPPING during the month of December.


Our Quality Guarantee

We know that your business depends on affordable, reliable equipment. That's why our pumps are built from the highest-quality materials from trusted component manufacturers, and we bench test every single pump before we ship to our customers. 


K&K Ice Maker Motors is so confident in the quality of our pumps that we offer an unprecedented 1-year warranty. International brands offer only 90-day warranties. 


With our superior quality and unmatched value, your business can increase its sales margins, offer faster service with fewer supply chain interruptions, and an industry-leading warranty. 

How can we offer this amazing value and reliability at such a low cost?


Preferred Partner Application

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